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Duplex Steel SAF 2205 U Tubes, Duplex Steel Heat Exchanger, Duplex Steel Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, ASTM A789 Duplex Steel U Tubes Heat Exchanger in Mumbai, India.

Duplex 2205 U Bend, Duplex Heat Exchanger Tubes, ASME SA 789 Duplex 2205 Heat Exchanger, Duplex Steel U Shaped Tubes, Duplex Stainless Steel U Tubes Manufaturer in India.

Jay Hind Metal & Tubes is a manufacturing industry fully involved in offering a good quality of Duplex Steel Heat Exchanger Tubes & U Tubes. Actually, the product is produced by the excellent quality of crude materials so that it can offer long-lasting performance in reducing environments. Due to the high quality of materials, it is proved for effective use in various applications.
Duplex Steel Heat Exchanger Tubes & U Tubes reveal considerably improved mechanical attributes and resistance ability compared with standard grades of SS. It is ideal for continuous service from temperatures as low as –500 degree C- 2750 degree C.
It has excellent resistance to fatigue due to corrosion. Duplex SS is a supreme choice for industrial and engineering applications. it is alloyed with different elements that ensure a good combination of stress corrosion resistance. It is ferritic stainless steel with good ductility and weldability than traditional grades.
Its structure has excellent mechanical properties and good thermal conductivity. Its structure has an equal ratio of the austenitic and ferritic structure. Particularly, it is resistive to pitting corrosion in the environments contains a high level of chlorine. The pitting resistance equivalent number is greater than 40 than the super duplex grade.
These are mainly applied in the components and equipment for oil producing, refinery equipment and high heating applications. These tubes have superior anti-biofouling properties ideal for marine grades.
We are the world leader in the offering and manufacturing of world-class Duplex Steel Heat Exchanger Tubes & U Tubes. We are indulging in producing in the material testing to evaluate the product quality. Impact tests include hardness test, certainty test, PMI test, intergranular corrosion test, pitting corrosion test, mechanical test, and spectral test. These are also processed from material tests those are the ultrasonic test, compression test, flaring test, micro test, radiographic evaluation, macro test, and last stage tests are performed by third parties.
The heat exchanger is placed in wooden cases/ cartons/ pallets with appropriate mountings. The U tubes are delivered in form of bundles with additional supports.
We are offering Duplex Steel Heat Exchanger Tubes & U Tubes in relevant sizes and shapes.


Types Of Duplex Steel Heat Exchanger & U Tubes

Heat Exchanger & U Tubes

  • Duplex Steel Oval Heat Exchanger
  • Duplex U Shaped Heat Exchanger Tube
  • Duplex Steel ERW U Tubes
  • Duplex Steel U Bending Tubing
  • Duplex Regenerative Heat Exchangr
  • Duplex Stainless Steel U Tubes Supplier
  • SAF 2205 Heat Exchanger & U Tubes

Duplex U Tube Heat Exchange & U Tubes

  • ASTM A789 Heat Exchanger
  • U Bend Tubing
  • Duplex U Shaped Tubes
  • Duplex Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Duplex Stainless Steel U Tubes
  • Duplex Heat Exchanger Price
  • ASME SA789 Duplex 2205 Heat Exchange & U Tubes