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Jay Hind Metal & Tubes is India’s leading Duplex Steel Welded Tubes manufacturer and exporter. We pride ourselves on being at the head of modernization in both production capacity and marketing tactics. This is the reason why we constantly upgrading our products to match the expectations and demands of our customers. We are working as the reputed firm having ISO accreditations.
Duplex steel is mostly used grade composed with both austenitic and ferritic structure. We are leading on supplying products directly to the customers across the globe. We have the widest inventory having a large stock of welded tubes in various specifications, grades, and designations so customers can freely choose their relevant products.
It has higher work hardening rate than conventional grades. It is supplied with higher tensile strength. it has similar corrosion resistance ability than conventional grades. It is externally exposed to mildly corrosive environments at moderate temperatures. It has high oxidation resistance in cyclic environments. The solution treatment (annealing) is performed to acquire retain maximum mechanical attributes. This grade cannot be hardened by the thermal process. Their alloying structure makes it tougher. Due to its alloying elements, it has higher cold working properties.
Duplex Steel Welded Tubes are processed from surface refinement process and also coated with SATIN that adds extra protection from oxidation.
Unbeatable quality:
Quality plays a major role in our company. our professionals try to incorporate with all activities happening our production plant. We ascertain procure raw materials from certified vendors. further manufactured products are checked and inspected at our side and final declaration is given by third-party authorities before dispatch. The quality tests these are passed are material composition analysis, PMI test, strength tests, tensile test, hardness test, destructive test, and non-destructive test.
However, material tests are also performed that includes micro/ macro test, IGC test, pitting corrosion test, flaring test, radiographic test, and ultrasonic testing.
Duplex Steel Welded Tubes are rolled in the standard packing materials with additional support of cap supports. It is covered with a plastic covering that prevention from oxidations while shipping.
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