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Jay Hind Metal & Tubes is a leading producer of Stainless Steel Welded Tubes. Our product is made from superior quality raw material and is accessible in customized designs requirements of the clients. Our contemporary technology and even efforts make acquiring of new skills possible to enhance manufacture and is the secret of our success and perfect quality.

Stainless steel is most notable for its corrosion confrontation which increases with increasing chromium content. Additions of molybdenum add to corrosion resistance in falling acids and against pitting assault in chloride solutions. Thus, there are numerous grades of stainless steel with changeable chromium and molybdenum inside to suit the environment the alloy must bear.

Corrosion Resistance: All stainless steels are iron-based alloys that have a minimum of around 10.5% Chromium. The Chromium in the alloy forms a self-healing protective obvious oxide layer. This oxide layer gives stainless steels their corrosion struggle. The self-healing nature of the oxide layer protects material from the corrosion and make suitable for fabrication methods. Even if the material outside is cut or damaged; it wills self-heal and corrosion confrontation will be maintained.

The corrosion of special grades of stainless steel will be different in various environments. Even suggested amounts of some elements can markedly alter the corrosion struggle. Chlorides, in particular, can have a difficult effect on the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.


The testing are Critical test, charpy test, nondestructive test, , hardness test, Mechanical test tensile test, positive material test, destruction test, hydrostatic test. Other test are micro and macro test, chemical test/ spectro analysis, ultrasonic test, intergranular corrosion test, flame test.


Profitable invoice, fumigation certificates, specification guide packing list like net and gross weight, quantity and marks and number, guarantee letter, NABL test report, and MTC report are some tests.

The Documentation are certificate of origin, mill test report, raw material test report, heat treatment charts, quality assurance plan, , and attested certificate by suppliers.


These Stainless Steel Welded Tubes are packed in wooden boxes, Spiral wound paper tubes, crates, cases, cartons, and cores on its pallets. All it assures safer and damage free shipping.

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