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Titanium Grade 2 alloy is completely resistant to corrosion at high temperature environment. The grade is ideal for variety of marine and other sea water application. The titanium grades exhibits excellent corrosion resistance and excellent formability in crucial temperature. With a fair amount of strength and its high ductility, the grade 2 is widely used. Also, the grade 2 titanium is slightly weaker than grade 3 but stronger than grade 1.
Presence of good chemical components in the grade helps in exhibiting the excellent physical and mechanical properties. Chemical composition such as iron, carbon, manganese and oxygen are some of the composition present that offers good elongation, high tensile strength and excellent yield strength in high extensive temperature and pressure situations.
Detail about the manufacturing enterprise:
Jay Hind Metal & Tubes was established with the vision of offering the best quality and efficient tubes to the customer across the globe. The industry is the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of top-notch quality of Titanium Gr 2 Tubes. The industry has developed strong relationship with the global clients which have helped them to enhance their business growth. They provide seamless transparency with their services which are accommodating businesses. Beyond this, they are engaged in using the modern machineries in their fabrication process that has enhanced the productivity of the tubes. Also, the trained employees check the efficiency of the tubes products at every stage of its manufacturing.
Moreover, the industry uses finest quality of raw material which is bought from trustworthy market vendors. The manufacturing process is performed under the strict guidance of professionals.
Efficient packaging and tests certifications:
At Jay Hind Metal & Tubes, the industry has major concern in offering the best quality of titanium grade tubes. The tubes are packed in large wooden cases, crates and pallets that are free from fumigation and other sort of impurities. Moreover, the industry offers relevant shipping documents along with the products.
Beyond this, the industry offers relevant tests certifications along with the Titanium Gr 2 Tubes. Radiography tests reports, third party inspection reports, MTC in conformance with EN 10204 and self-inspection reports are some of the test certifications offered.

Equivalent Grade of Titanium Gr 2 Tubes

Titanium Alloy Gr 2 R50400 3.7035

Chemical Composition of Titanium Alloy Gr 2 Tubes

Element Titanium Alloy Gr 2
Ti 99.2 min
C 0.1 max
Fe 0.3 max
H 0.015 max
N 0.03 max
O 0.25 max

Mechanical Properties of Titanium Gr 2 Tubing

Element Titanium Alloy Gr 2
Density 4.5 g/cm3
Melting Point 1665 °C (3030 °F)
Tensile Strength Psi – 49900 , MPa – 344
Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Psi – 39900 , MPa – 275
Elongation 20 %

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